What’s Your Plaque Score?

The Adult Dental Health Survey in the UK (2009) showed that although the majority of adults cleaned their teeth and gums regularly, most of them had plaque scores of 24%.  What that means is that although we may be cleaning out teeth very nicely, most of us do not reach a quarter of the less accessible spots where plaque accumulates and that is where periodontal disease starts.  Get your dentist, hygienist, or periodontist to do a plaque score and check out exactly where you are missing out when you brush your teeth to prevent periodontal disease taking hold.  Also get them to show you how to get into these areas that you currently missing out and eliminate every scrap of plaque to make sure that you do not lose your teeth in the long-term, or suffer all of the embarrassment of bleeding gums, bad tastes and bad breath in the meantime

Do You Have Gum Disease?

The most recent Adult Dental Health Survey in the UK (2009) has shown that 83% of adults in the UK have some gum disease!  That means that you probably have some gum disease and it is worth eliminating this potential cause of tooth loss before it takes hold and becomes a problem that may cause you not only to lose your teeth, but all sorts of other problems such as teeth drifting out of alignment and getting wobbly, bleeding and discolouration of your teeth, and an increasing inability to chew your food comfortably.  Why not get it checked to make sure your mouth is completely healthy?

Periodontal Disease and Pregnancy

Periodontal disease increases during pregnancy.  In fact sometimes the 1st signs of pregnancy are a suddenly unexplained increase in bleeding and swollen gums.  This is because of the huge hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy and during breastfeeding afterwards.  If you are pregnant and your gums bleed, see a dental professional such as a periodontist as soon as possible to make sure this problem is eliminated, because if left untreated, you could end up with considerable damage to your teeth and gums leading possibly to pain, sensitivity, tenderness, and even abscesses and tooth loss as well as possibly even little tumours called epulides.  It is much more sensible to avoid all these problems by getting the infection under control at an early stage in your pregnancy so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and your body’s resources can concentrate on growing your gorgeous baby.

Periodontal Disease can be a killer!

Periodontal disease can be a killer!  Do you know that increasing evidence has shown that having a chronic long-term low grade destructive infection such as periodontal disease has enormous effects on your immune system?  Because your immune system is always on high alert, and fighting off the potential bacterial infection from gum disease you become more susceptible to other conditions.  Some of these might be minor like an increased susceptibility to colds and flu, but increasingly it is being shown that periodontal disease adversely affects heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy outcomes, rheumatoid arthritis, and many others!  So if you have gum disease, or you think you have gum disease get it checked out and dealt with as soon as possible.