Informed Dental Care to Help with Bleeding Gums

Our teeth are a fundamental part of our overall appearance, giving us the confidence to welcome the world with a smile. Because a good smile is such an integral part of our beauty-conscious culture, persuading people to spend money on products and treatments to make their teeth whiter, brighter and ‘healthier’ is easy. But your teeth are not the only component of a healthy smile. Healthy gums are an essential but all too often over-looked part of the mix. Minor symptoms, for example bleeding gums, tend to get overlooked and dismissed as “unimportant”, when in fact, they can be one of the early signs of gum disease and, as such, far more important than most people realise.

Far too many of us wrongly assume that if our teeth are healthy, our gums will be healthy too. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ignoring early signs of gum disorder, such as bleeding gums or tender, bruised areas in the mouth, leads many of us to ignore the health of our gums until it is too late: the underlying bone and root structure may have started to erode, and gum disease treatment becomes more difficult and less effective than if the symptoms are caught at a very early stage.

Brushing our teeth is one of those mundane, routine tasks that most of us are pre-programmed to do sometimes, almost literally, with our eyes shut, when we wake up and before we go to bed. So it is not surprising that many of us do not spot the early signs of gum disease, such as bleeding gums, particularly if we are not experiencing any pain. An easy way to be alert to the condition is to check your toothbrush and the toothpaste you spit out for any pink tinges.

We all know failing to take proper care of our teeth leads to an accumulation of plaque. Regular dental care can help remove excess plaque build up before it hardens to become tartar. An excess of tartar is one of the things that can cause your gums to bleed.
There are many other reasons why your gums may start to bleed but in some instances, bleeding gums can be an early indicator of underlying gum disease. This is why, if you are experiencing bleeding gums it is advisable to consult a gum disease expert, to make sure the condition is caught in the early stages, making treatment far less costly and more effective. Many people do not realise that, left unchecked, gum disease can be the cause of far more serious conditions, including heart disease, strokes and complications in pregnancy. See this blog post for further information: Why Gum Disease Could Be Destroying More Than Your Teeth.
The accepted recommendation is that adults should have a dental check-up at least annually to maintain healthy teeth. Checking your gums are healthy is a vitally important part of this check-up process, yet sadly, many dentists do not carry out a periodontal assessment as routine. Remember to make a point of asking your dentist to check your gums as well as your teeth when you go for your annual check-up. Ask for a periodontal check-up and be sure to ask for a printed copy of the results for your own records. Essential should you ever change dentists or want to monitor changes for yourself.

Of course, just because your gums are bleeding, this does not mean you necessarily have gum disease or that you will suffer from a stroke and die (!) In many cases, bleeding gums have many far less sinister causes, and can be treated very successfully at home.

Homeopathic secrets for treating bleeding gums

Knowing the cause of your bleeding gums is the first step towards successfully treating the condition.
Vitamin C deficiency is one of the common causes of bleeding gums. Ensuring daily consumption of vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables is one way of tackling your gum problem.
Chewing on raw vegetables is an excellent way of not only boosting your vitamin C intake but also of improving blood circulation in gums. This can help strengthen teeth and gums and stop them from bleeding in the future.

Mix lukewarm water with salt and gargle three times a day. This is a very cheap and effective way of reducing mouth infections and treating your gums.

Chewing on a piece of clove is another proven treatment to bleeding gums. However, caution is advised as this can cause a burning sensation on the gums.

Homemade cranberry juice is not only healthy for you but a good gum disease treatment because of its anti bacterial properties.

Tea Tee Oil is another homeopathic remedy that can help with the bleeding gums due to its anti bacterial properties.

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Dr Galgut is a leading UK periodontal specialist and gum disease expert. He was awarded Dentist of the Year in both 2010 and 2013 in recognition to his contribution to gum disease treatment. He specialises in the non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease and can be contacted at his periodontal treatment clinic in North London here.

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