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Four of the Best Foods and Drinks for Healthy Teeth

According to the National Obesity Council, the UK is the world’s 6th most obese nation. And according to the World Health Organisation, nearly 100% of adults in industrialised countries (of which we are one) have dental cavities. That paints us in a pretty unhealthy light! When it comes to our health and overall well-being, more often than not we focus on what we perceive to be the more pressing health issues prevalent in our society today: Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, strokes and arthritis – conditions which are often directly or indirectly associated with the alarming rise in obesity and our culture of unhealthy living.  One issue that we don’t tend to prioritise, until we actually have a problem, is our teeth, or rather the health of our teeth and gums.  Read More “Four of the Best Foods and Drinks for Healthy Teeth”

Eight Secrets on How to Look After Your Gums

Gum disease can be a scary thought, and as with most things, prevention is most definitely better than cure!

Here are eight secrets on how to look after your gums and prevent gum disease.

1) Brush your teeth and gums regularly and efficiently.

2) Remember to clean in between your teeth using dental floss or interdental brushes.

3) Any spots of bleeding must be brushed extra well to remove the bacteria in dental plaque that are trying to infect them.

4) Use an antiseptic mouthwash, swishing it vigorously through the spaces between your  teeth particularly where you have bleeding, soreness, or swelling of your gums.

5) If the bleeding does not stop within 4 days of extra vigorous care, you must see a dental professional (Periodontist, Dentist or Hygienist) for advice and treatment before the infection starts damaging your gums.

6) If the Dentist and Hygienist can’t solve the problem, you need to see a Periodontist.

7) Do not ignore bleeding or red gums even if there is no pain, because the sooner the infection is removed, the less damage will have occurred.

8) Beware: Other symptoms such as bad breath, soreness or burning sensations in your mouth, gum swellings and moving or loosening teeth need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent you losing them

If you’re worried about gum disease or would like some more specialist advice,  you can click here to contact me. 

Don’t forget to leave your favourite tip or secret way of keeping your  mouth fresh, clean and healthy. Leave your comment below and I’ll post  the 10 best one’s on my facebook page.

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Peter Galgut
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