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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1.1 Any information supplied by a User (as hereinafter defined) is not transferred sold to or made available by P G Services to any third party.

1.2 Information (as hereinafter defined) provided by a User of the Service by P G Services is considered to be and is treated as being strictly private and confidential.

1.3 In particular no information is given or indicated to marketing lists.

1.4 If a User has any questions about the Privacy Policy of P G Services please contact admin@periodontal-diagnosis.com.


2.1. ‘User’: A professionally qualified registered licensed and practising Dental Surgeon.

2.2.1 ‘The Service’: The Service given by P G Services Ltd. pursuant to the User reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions on this Website and lodging in writing or by electronic means, or by email a request for Information

2.2.2 The Service provided to the User is subject to the following paramount and unrestricted conditions reservations and exclusions:

  • the use of the Service is limited and restricted only to a User so as to use the Service to help in reaching a diagnosis and a treatment plan for his/her periodontal patients
  • the User has the clinical skills and practice necessary to make a final definitive diagnosis and treatment plan, and to perform the necessary treatment competently.
  • the User is able to carry out appropriate treatments arising out of using the Service
  • fees due are paid in advance
  • the Service is available in English only
  • any contract for services supplied by PG Services Ltd. is specifically between PG Services Ltd and the User only, and no third parties have any express or implied rights or claims whatsoever arising from the information provided by this service.

2.2.3 Limitations of ‘The Service’

The service given by P G Services is for advice and support only, and it does not constitute a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan which can only be drawn up by the User based on a clinical examination by the User

The service given by P G Services does not constitute a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan, as the Service is limited by the information supplied by the user only, and not on a clinical examination of the patient.

All advice and support is given on the express understanding that the purchaser of the services has the appropriate standard of skills necessary to perform the treatments suggested by the team of consultants. Furthermore, should the purchaser not have the appropriate skills and/or understanding of the recommendations in the report, or is in any way unsure of what is necessary, that the clinical support mentoring service or training videos that are available on the site are purchased, to ensure that the potential for successful treatment outcomes is maximised.

2.2.4 ‘The Information’

The private personal and information provided by the User subject to the terms and conditions (as hereunder defined) of this Website

2.2.5 ‘Terms of Use’
The terms and conditions set out herein as amended

2.3 Headings and subheadings are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation or construction hereof

2.4 Words importing the singular shall include the plural and words in the plural shall include singular

2.5 Words importing the masculine gender shall include the feminine or neuter genders and vice-a-versa

2.6 Persons shall include companies


3.1 Information provided on or through this website by P G Services is intended to provide the User with information and knowledge of an educational nature only, to help in deciding on ways of managing periodontal patients in the clinical and pre-treatment stage or when periodontal problems arise in the course of treatment (‘the Material’).

3.2 Information in the Material is provided to the User to assist and help the User make the User’s own diagnoses and to draw up appropriate treatment plans for a patient.

3.3 The information on this Website and the Material provided to a User of the Service are not to be considered or regarded as a replacement or substitute for in-depth and prudent clinical examination and the planning of effective treatment.

3.4 The Material provided by the User will be held for a period of 2 years, unless instructed to delete the Material from P G Services’s secure database.

3.5 The Material provided by the User will not be released to a third party except by the explicit instruction of the User.


4.1 P G Services cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy completeness or currency of the Information provided on this Website

4.2 Where insufficient incomplete or inaccurate information is provided by a User to P G Services pursuant to this Website then any liability resulting from the Material is expressly disclaimed.

4.3 P G Services ensures that all data transmitted and received is checked by anti-virus software which is regularly updated. If a virus is found in e-mail from a User, the User will be notified and no further work on that User’s Material will proceed until the User has rectified the problem, or uses surface-mail.

4.4 A third party cannot be a beneficiary of or benefit under the Terms of Use and without in any way limiting or restricting the foregoing insurers of a User and a patients of a User are excluded from being third party beneficiaries to the Terms of Use and are expressly excluded from benefiting or having any rights entitlement or duties of care from P G Services .


5.1 The Information provided by P G Services or through P G Services is intended and meant for the education and information only of the User. This Website only provides suggestions indications or criteria to assist in and contribute to possible diagnoses and treatment possibilities for periodontal patients.

5.2 Each user is provided with a unique case number; this must be attached to all instructions and requests sent by the User to P G Services. Failure to attach the case number may be treated as a misuse of the Services.

5.3 Any diagnosis tests analysis and treatments must be done by a User and correct diagnosis and treatment outcomes are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User responsible for treatment.

5.4 P G Services cannot and is under no duty and does not undertake a duty to monitor supervise or oversee the activities or action of a User or accept any responsibility for the treatments outcomes arising from the use of the Service.

5.5 P G Services expresses disclaims any responsibility for any misuse of the Services


6.1 The User of the Service represents and warrants to P G Services that the information he has provided and will provide to P G Services is complete full and accurate.

6.2 The User acknowledges to P G Services that the User understands accepts and agrees to the Terms of Use and in particular the exclusions disclaimers and obligations under 4—6.1 above


7.1. A User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless P G Services the affiliates associates and employees of P G Services and each of their respective officers directors agents consultants employees and professional advisers from and against any and all claims demands liabilities obligations losses damages penalties fines punitive damages amounts in interest expenses and disbursements of any kind and nature whatsoever

7.2 includes without restricting or limited the foregoing reasonable attorneys and expert witness fees brought by any third party (including a patient of the User) under any theory alleged claim or imposition of legal liability arising out of the use of the Service provided by P G Services or its agents to the User.


8.1 P G Services does not warrant or represent that the provision of any services will be uninterrupted error-free or completely secure and cannot be held responsible for any technical difficulties associated with the operation of the Internet (World-Wide-Web), which is entirely outside its control. We strongly advise clients to select the most secure method of submitting their confidential data.

8.2 To the extent permitted by applicable law:

  • P G Services disclaims any and all warranties including the implied warranties of merchantability fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement
  • the Service is provided on an “as is” basis.


9.1 P G Services shall not be liable to the other for any lost profits or any indirect special incidental consequential or punitive loss or damage of any kind or for damages that could have been avoided by the use of reasonable diligence by the User arising in connection with these Terms even if the claimant has been advised or should be aware of the possibility of such damages.

9.2 Notwithstanding anything else in the Terms to the contrary the maximum aggregate liability of P G Services and any of its employees agents or affiliates under any theory of law (including breach of contract tort strict liability and infringement) shall be a payment of money not to exceed the amount payable by the User for the Service.


P G Services shall not be in default of any obligation under the Terms of Service if the failure to perform the obligation is due to any event beyond the control of P G Services including but without limitation or restriction thereto failure of a portion of the power grid significant failure of the Internet natural disaster war riot insurrection insurgency epidemic strikes or other organized labour action terrorist activity demonstrations or other events of a magnitude or type for which precautions are not generally taken in the industry.


11.1 These Terms of Use and any additions alterations or supplements thereto and the provision of any Services shall be governed and construed according to the laws of England and Wales .

11.2 The exclusive forum for administration shall be the Courts of England and Wales and each party agrees to such jurisdiction and waives all objections thereto.

11.3 The Terms of Use shall not be governed by the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods.



Each party acknowledges and agrees that the other party retains exclusive ownership and rights in its trademarks service marks trade secrets inventions copyrights and other intellectual property.

Neither party may use the other party’s name or trade mark without the other party’s prior written consent.

All trademarks and copyright used are acknowledged by P G Services

12.2.1 The parties intend for their relationship to be that of independent contractors and not a partnership joint venture or an employer and employee relationship.

12.2.2 Neither party will represent itself to be agent of the other.


Each party acknowledges that it has no power or authority to bind the other party and that it will not represent to any person that it has such power or authority.


13.1 These Terms of Use may be amended only by a formal written agreement in writing signed by both parties.

13.2 The terms Agreed between the User and his, or her patient are not binding on P G Services its employees directors consultants and shareholders


14.1 A party’s failure or delay in enforcing any provision of the Terms of Use will not be deemed a waiver of that party’s rights with respect to that provision or any other provision of the Terms of Use.

14.2 A party’s waiver of any of its right under these Terms of Use is not and shall not be construed as a waiver of any of its other rights with respect to a prior contemporaneous or future occurrence whether similar in nature or not.


15.1 The headings and subheadings are for convenience and ease of reference only and are not part of these Terms

15.2 The headings and subheadings and shall not affect its interpretation or construction of Use, but are for the convenience of the parties.


Inter alia the following provisions will survive expiration or termination of the Terms of Use and continue in force:
(a) Privacy and privacy rights

(b) Fees to P G Services(c) Indemnity obligations, provisions limiting liability and disclaiming warranties

  • Provisions regarding ownership of intellectual property
  • Miscellaneous provisions and other provisions that by their nature are intended to survive termination of the Terms of Use.


17.1 Users may not transfer the Terms of Use Information Material or other items of a like nature without the prior written consent of P G Services

17.2 P G Services’s approval for assignment is contingent on the assignee agreeing to being bound to the Terms of Use. P G Services may assign the Terms of Use in whole or in part without consent of any User.


18.1 The Terms of Use constitute the complete and exclusive terms of use between the parties regarding its subject matter and supercedes and replaces any prior understanding or communication written or oral.

18.2 The Terms of Use may be altered amended or replaced from time to time.

18.3 The Terms of Use may be amended or added to in the particulars of Service or Material.

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