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Periodontal Treatment | Dr Peter Galgut

Dr Peter Galgut lectures and presents seminars and courses throughout the UK, and also in Europe , the USA, India, South Africa and elsewhere.

If you would like to arrange a lecture , course or seminar, why not contact us to explore the possibility of arranging one in your area? Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get immediate attention.

The following lectures have been available in the past, either singly or in any combination to suit the needs of the lecture or course organisers, and in addition individual bespoke lectures could be created if required.

Seminar 1:
Practical Periodontics – The Basics

      • New Concepts in Periodontal Diseases
      • An introduction to practical root planing/ root surface debridement techniques
      • Effective Monitoring and Management of periodontal diseases in clinical practice
      • Achieving efficient and predictable aneasthesia
      • Surgical and non-surgical strategies for clinically managing periodontal diseases
      • Exploring case studies to help understand clinical periodontal diseases

Seminar 2: Practical Periodontics – Clinical Problems

      • Chemical Adjuncts
      • Peri-implantitis: A growing problem in clinical practice
      • Managing the perio-restorative interface for health
      • Achieving more effective patient motivation
      • Splinting: Why when and how ?
      • Calculus: The toxic Waste Dump of the mouth !
      • Occlusion and Periodontal disease

Alternative Medicine/Dentistry

These lectures explore the different applications to dentistry of:

      • Herbs (and acupuncture)
      • Nutrition
      • Homeopathy
      • Ayurveda
      • Vitamins

Other lectures:

      • Managing dental hypersensitivity effectively
      • The evolution of periodontal surgery and surgical techniques
      • Periodontal effects of drug abuse
      • Psychological factors in periodontal diseases and responses to treatment
      • Systemic effects of active periodontal disease

Hands On Courses:

Part 1)  Non-Surgical: practical root planing on study models, instrumentation, sharpening

Part 2)  Surgical: instruction and practice on animal jaws: periodontal flap surgery, gingivectomy, gingival recontouring, crown lengthening

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