What’s Your Plaque Score?

The Adult Dental Health Survey in the UK (2009) showed that although the majority of adults cleaned their teeth and gums regularly, most of them had plaque scores of 24%.  What that means is that although we may be cleaning out teeth very nicely, most of us do not reach a quarter of the less accessible spots where plaque accumulates and that is where periodontal disease starts.  Get your dentist, hygienist, or periodontist to do a plaque score and check out exactly where you are missing out when you brush your teeth to prevent periodontal disease taking hold.  Also get them to show you how to get into these areas that you currently missing out and eliminate every scrap of plaque to make sure that you do not lose your teeth in the long-term, or suffer all of the embarrassment of bleeding gums, bad tastes and bad breath in the meantime

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